Words from the President:

Welcome all friends interested in growing with Amkey! After three years of careful preparation, we proudly present AMKEY, a young company with a broad variety of products, an advanced compensation plan, and significant velocity to grow!

We will build enduring relationships with our customers and distributors.
With our integrity and service, we will provide optimal life enhancing products and opportunities for everyone to grow.

Amkey is dedicated to bringing our customers and distributors the best quality and the most effective products!

Amkey will provide every distributor an opportunity to achieve financial freedom through a generous and uniquely designed compensation plan.
Let¡¦s work together for a wonderful future!

To celebrate our new opening, Amkey is offering a great promotion.

1. Amkey will send each new distributor one Luxurious Pearl Gift Set (a $59.99 value!)
2. Amkey will send each supervisory distributor one luxurious pearl gift set! (a $139.99 value!)

In support of the further expansion of the Amkey global business, and to reward our distributors with the best performance, Amkey offers the following special bonus!!

1. Free Business Centers Bonus
Upon the accumulation of $50,000 of sales from any one distributor's business center, Amkey will assign another business center for free!

2¡DLuxury Car Rewards
Amkey offers 5 Mercedes S500 and 5 Lexus LS 400 to its first 10 fully qualified Supervisory Distributors.
1) Be in good standing and follow all policies and regulations.
2) Be qualified at the Supervisory Distributor level.
3) Actively develop your organization to reach $30,000 per month in accumulated bonus and income.
Effective Date: From Oct. 1, 2003


Grand Opening for the Amkey Family

After a month's careful preparation, the grand opening for the Amkey family was held on November 28th, at 923 E. Valley Blvd. #106. Many distributors attended the celebration. Also attending were the Assistant Mayor of Alhambra, Ms. Sandra and the renown Chinese artist, Mr. Tiancheng Xie. The president of Amkey, Mr. Steve Chen also attended.

The Amkey family was originated by Ms. Annie Chen and other leaders in the direct selling industry. It was established so that more and more people could have the opportunity to share Amkey's high quality products and its unique compensation plan. During the grand opening, Ms. Annie introduced Amkey's products, the compensation plan, and gave away many products as gifts throughout the celebration.

Amkey Family Grand Opening

The artist, Mr. tiancheng xie, did draw a picture for our Amkey family.
The Assistant Mayor of Alhambra, Ms. Sandra had a warm talk with the President, Mr. Steve Chen.

The artist, Mr. tiancheng xie, was working on the traditional Chinese writing.

Ms. Annie was introducing Amkey in front of media.


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