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Amkey Inc. was created and funded by the Alliance Financial Group, a well-known worldwide financial organization. It is an Internet based direct selling company that combines research and development, production, and marketing of health care products. It developed a whole series of all natural high quality health care products using the most advanced technology. It also created enormous opportunities to help people pursue their financial freedom as well as enjoy their life through a well established selling network worldwide.

Amkey has created a team of professionals in the fields of management, marketing, medicine and law. The companyˇ¦s structure is like that of high-tech companies, adopting modern management systems so as to ensure our health care products fulfill the constantly changing needs for people in modern society.

Based on the newest health care concepts of the 21st Century, Amkey brings a series of our unique products: BioFiber to combine the functions of cleaning, detoxifying, and improving the health of the digestive tract, acting as a mild laxative and increasing fiber. P2H changes the PH acidic level to a mild alkali level. OPC PLUS entirely neutralizes free radicals. Pearl Calcium increases body levels of calcium. Many other new products are coming soon!

Amkey created an advanced and simple compensation plan based on the Internet; so as to let each of our distributors easily expand their business and benefit from it.

Amkey established the management system and an active and talented marketing team. Amkey offers a great support network to each of our distributors, a great opportunity for life-long learning, and help pursue a healthy and wealthy life.

Amkey enjoys creating a bright future with our distributors by utilizing our resources to constantly develop new business.

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